Confirmation Sponsor

Welcome Confirmation Sponsor:

The candidate has chosen you as a person to admire in the Christian life.  He/she wants to learn from you and share with you about what it means to be a Catholic Christian and engage more fully in the life of the church. 

“Confirmation extends to the Church of every time and place the gift of the Holy Spirit sent to the Apostles on Pentecost.” (ADW, Policies and Norms, Ch 4) One of the most powerful effects of Pentecost was seeing a fearful group of apostles inspired by the Holy Spirit to proclaim boldly the good news of a risen Christ.

 You will be a guide through the preparation process and a support throughout the days and years to follow. The sponsor is to take care that the person to be confirmed behaves as a true witness of Christ and faithfully fulfills the obligations that come with the sacrament. 

Sponsors help the candidate to see the action of the Holy Spirit within themselves, within the Christian community, and within the world around them.  We hope that you continue to guide them as they discern how to use their talents both within the Church and the larger community. 

The side bar on this page contains important certification and registration, dates and information to help you guide your Confirmation Candidate. Thank you for taking time to review this information. 

Blessings -

Jill Kalinski
Director, Religious Education & Youth Ministry




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